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The camping season is in full motion

03 May 2022
We plan and prepare our purchases annually so that our customers will always have access to the batteries and chargers they need. There are many benefits as a customer, and one of them is that you never have to worry about deliveries, and you know that you can always service your customers. We shop for many different types of batteries and chargers, and we work with manufacturers and around the world.

We are Europe's largest supplier of batteries and chargers for the camping segment, here you can experience a small selection.

Batteries for the caravan and motorhome.

GACELL 12V/80Ah drift batteri
Article no.: 17215
GACELL 12V/80Ah service battery

GACELL 12V/112Ah drift battery
Article no.: 17205
GACELL 12V/112Ah service battery
PowerBoozt 12,8V/100Ah lithium battery
Article no.: 17747
PowerBoozt 12,8V/100Ah lithium battery

Poweroad 12,8V/100Ah lithium battery
Article no.: 15804
Poweroad 12,8V/100Ah lithium battery

Chargers for the caravan and motorhome.

12-24V GACELL 8-trins lader
Article no.: 13554
12-24V GACELL 8-step charger

12V CTEK 8-trins lader
Article no.: 10415
12V CTEK 8-step charger
12V CTEK 4-trins lader
Article no: 10424
12V CTEK 4-step charger

12V VICTRON 7-trins lader
Article no: 15422
12V VICTRON 7-step charger

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GACELL A / S is the market leader in knowledge about batteries and chargers. If you need to buy a car battery, truck battery, busbatteri, MC battery, tractor battery, truck battery, lift the battery, golf battery, electric bicycle battery, camping battery, marine battery, alarm battery, battery for emergency lighting or even a different kind of battery then you have come to the right place . You can not say battery without also saying charger. Do you need to buy a charger, advice on the right choice of leaving please contact us immediately. We work every day with professional producers and users around the supply and use of our products. We are known for our good service and great knowledge of just batteries and chargers. We do not sell cheap batteries, but quality batteries at competitive prices. As a young company based on many years of experience, GACELL A / S expertise and flexibility to meet your needs - from specification through production to delivery of the complete product at the right time.
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Customer service

Do you have questions about our products, we are always ready to help you. We are on the phone all weekdays. 7:00 to 16:00 (Fridays. 15.30), then you are in doubt as to which product that matches your needs, or you will not find what you are looking for, please call and let us together find the right solution.

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