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When you work with acid-filled batteries, it is important to take some simple precautions. The following guidelines should be observed:

Observe care regulation and place it in a visible place near the charger!
Working with batteries, only after instruction by qualified personnel!

When working with batteries is NO SMOKING!
Avoid open flames, glowing embers or sparks near the battery due fire or explosion!

When working with batteries, wear protective glasses and protective clothing!
Rules for the prevention of accidents must be observed!

When acid splashes into the eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water. Consult a doctor immediately! When acid splashes on skin and clothes rinsed also with plenty of clean water!

Explosion and fire, avoid short circuits!
Metal parts of the battery are always live, do not let the tool and the likewise lie on the battery!

Acid is HIGHLY corrosive!
Strike down the battery!

Use only approved lifting and transport equipment.
Make sure that the lifting hook  does not damage the cells, connecting and connecting cables!


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