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Exciting News!
30 August 2023
We've just unveiled our latest range of off-grid power solutions at the Caravan Salon Fair in Düsseldorf. Find out why Powerboozt is the ultimate power companion for your caravan adventures.

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Are you on your way to a greener future?
03 July 2023
We are, which means that we offer solutions that match the green transition strategy that many companies are now facing. Although we also offer the traditional lead/acid batteries, and Sunlight is still developing techno...
Lithum batteries for forklifts
03 July 2023
Would you like to achieve more operating time from your forklifts? Would you like to decide how much to charge and when? Would you like a forklift that matches a three-shift shift? The questions are many, and you will fi...
Monoblock batteries for the transportation business
11 May 2023
At GACELL we understand that battery power is essential for the smooth running of your business. That is why we offer a wide range of high-quality monoblock batteries to ensure your trucks and buses keep moving. Whether ...
We are also happy to visit you
08 May 2023
If it was not possible for you to visit us at the LogiMAT fair in Stuttgart, Germany, we will be happy to come to you. Our stand was very well visited by both new and old customers from far and near, and it was great to ...
Press Release: GACELL A/S welcomes new CEO
02 May 2023
Holstebro, Danmark den 2 maj, 2023. GACELL A/S welcomes new CEO and thanks founder Michael Larsen for his remarkable contributions. GACELL A/S is pleased to announce the appointment of Johnny Maul Meyer as the new CEO of...
We are ready to welcome you at our stand
21 April 2023
The LogiMAT trade show will start soon, and you can meet GACELL's own staff at the A. Müller and Sunlight stand. They are ready to give you an overview of the latest initiatives in the battery world, which will match any...
Get off to a good start to the 2023 golf season
16 March 2023
Trojan batteries are known for their reliability and high quality, and are therefore a natural choice for many golfers and golf courses. With their long-lasting performance and durability, Trojan batteries can provide th...
It's NOW you need to react
16 March 2023
Spring is in the air, and that also applies at GACELL. That is why we give our customers the opportunity to purchase selected products at a good price. If you are not already a customer, you can apply for a login so that...
We help you choose the right battery
16 March 2023
A reliable truck and tractor battery is essential to maintain a constant momentum in the agricultural and transportation sectors. With our batteries, you can be sure of high quality at a reasonable price. Our batteries a...
Join us and see how we can alleviate future logistics trends.
10 February 2023
Join us on a journey to the future where we'll explore the latest trends in logistics and see how we can mitigate them. The future of logistics is characterized by increasing demands for sustainability, automation, techn...
Attention all businesses in the Nordic market!
10 February 2023
Get ready to take your material handling operations to the next level with the powerful collaboration between our European Sales Officces and The Sunlight Group. We're thrilled to announce that we will now be selling the...
Are you part of the Eco-Friendly Solutions for the Future?
11 January 2023
At GACELL we offer a solution that will help dispose your batteries correctly. Our boxes are designed for the safe containment and transportation of hazardous materials that could impact the environment. Nearly 90 percen...
Become the expert in batteries
11 January 2023
Knowledge is the way forward, also when it comes to batteries. Without a battery, many businesses would stand still, as batteries are used by many vehicles, devices, machines, robots, and energy storage. With our newslet...
You will only know the answers if you search for them
28 December 2022
Our LinkedIn page can inspire you with everything from the battery world, and here you will also be able to read our newsletter. A battery can have many purposes, especially in the professional world, and it does not mat...
Again this year, we provided tailwind to Santa Claus
15 December 2022
It's great we are able to contribute so the packages and presents can be delivered, and our role is bigger than you might think. In our latest news, you can read more about it, and at the same time see the batteries that...
The best presents are the ones you give to yourself
15 December 2022
Sometimes it's okay to give yourself a treat, and with us you can easily do it with a simple business login. Not only is your purchase made very simple so you save time, there may also be a financial benifit in doing so,...
Do you have the best battery solution?
24 November 2022
Our options have expanded to the benefit of many of our customers after Sunlight has now become our new owner. This means that we can increase our volume which brings even more advantages for large and small customers.


Every day we work with customers who are preparing for the future
11 October 2022
In our latest newsletter, you will find several batteries that can help optimize performance, maintenance and operation. There are many good reasons to upgrade, as the batteries of the future offer more efficiency for da...
The weather can be hard to predict
11 October 2022
It is always a good tactic to start planning and preparing for the weather changes we know is waiting ahead. This will help ensure that the vehicle fleet or the machines are always operating, despite the weather and wind...

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