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Preparations are now underway for Camping 2023
30 June 2022
Our Powerboozt range can offer all the battery power you need for motorhomes and caravans! Eventhough the caravan season is at its peak, now may be the right time to start planning the 2023 season. We are well prepared, ...
When you purchase from us your advantages are many
24 June 2022
This is not just something we say, this is something we do for our customers on a daily basis. Get an indepth view of what we can do for you. Read more here...
We always go an extra mile for our customers
13 June 2022
When you buy from us you will always have access to the batteries and chargers you require. Therefore, we can say that you are always in safe hands when your vehicles or machines are in need of new batteries, and always ...
Our newsletter contains many answers
13 June 2022
Even though the summer sun is at its peak, you might want to start planning your battery purchases for the autumn season, and maybe even next year. It is a great advantage to be one step ahead during these times, therefo...
A sustainable future
13 June 2022
Is your company also on a sustainable journey? Even in the world of batteries, sustainability is part of our everyday life. Did you know that 97% of an ordinary lead/acid battery is recycled? This means that the waste fr...
The summer is upon us
04 May 2022
Are you selling to the leisure market? Take a look at the newsletter and dive into several industries and see what we have to offer. Join us as we highlight your market, so you are always able to service your customers.

Sustainability can also be found in the world of batteries
03 May 2022
If your company are operating forklifts which are daily driving around in the warehouse or the production, there can be benifits when switching to a lithium battery, and at the same time you are taking a step into sustai...
The camping season is in full motion
03 May 2022
We plan and prepare our purchases annually so that our customers will always have access to the batteries and chargers they need. There are many benefits as a customer, and one of them is that you never have to worry abo...
Have you seen our latest newsletter?
25 March 2022
We are highlighting a lot of details for all kind og businesses and industries in our latest newsletter. You will also be able to discover new products that have found their way into our range of batteries and chargers, ...
We also supply components for solar energy
24 March 2022
The green transition has been given a boost due to the increasing energy prices.. GACELL is ready to supply your store or business with everything you need. Read our article and see our selection of lithium batteries, MP...
Batteries and chargers for the camping season
24 March 2022
Many shops are fully prepared for the new camping season. It's now the demand for batteries, chargers, and movers will start, and we are also ready to deliver to the stores. This also includes our new range of lithium ba...
A strong range for all vehicles
08 March 2022
Even though spring is lurking just around the corner, vehicles can still experience starting problems. The Powerboozt series is a powerful product for both small and very large vehicles. Each item contains their properti...
When the forklift needs a new battery or charger
08 March 2022
No matter which forklift or electric stacker you operate, you can always be sure of getting the best service when you need to shop for new batteries. GACELL offers a large selection of forklift batteries as well as batte...
Busy times ahead if your vehicles are operating within the farming industry
08 March 2022
Are you ready for the season start in 2022? All farming machines will be back in business and the vehicles will once again be put to their maximum capacity. Are the batteries fully operational, or do you need new charger...
We have just had a visit from the Danish Working Environment Authority
31 January 2022
It's great when our work is honored with a green smiley from the Danish Working Environment Authority. We take pride in everything we do, and we are very proud when this is also reflected behind the scene, where our empl...
POWERBOOZT for those cold winter days
14 January 2022
When it's cold outside, the chances are that it's also cold for the battery. With a mix of moisture in the air it's good to be more prepared during the winter months. Should the truck or bus have starting problems our ve...
The strong companions on the road
14 January 2022
The tractor is one of the more valuable companions when it comes to clearing snow of the road. Many tractors have already been busy on the roads, and winter is far from over yet. If the tractor needs a new battery, we ca...
Keep the fleet running
14 January 2022
Nothing spells disaster more than when you are about to do your daily deliveries, and the truck will not start. During the winter season it's important to keep an extra eye to how well the battery is performing, as it is...
Do you need a powerful electric car charger?
08 December 2021
The sales of electric cars is booming around Europe, but unfortunately it is hard for the charging stations to keep up. The auto industry in Denmark is raising the issue about the growing imbalance between the sales of e...
Which Trojan battery do you need?
18 November 2021
Is it a Trojan Flooded, AGM, or GEL battery you need? Here you can read all about the battery differences supplied by Trojan.  Read the article here and download their whitepaper.

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