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Charging of electric vehichles
09 June 2020
Do you need to solve your needs to be able to offer electric car charging. We offer chargers and cables from CTEK. The chargers are the most modern in the market in terms of safety, design and functionality. The charger ...
Forklift batteries
11 February 2020
Does your forklift require a new battery?
We have a large selection of traction batteries for forklifts

Find  batteries for forklifts here

Startbatteries for your vehicle
11 February 2020
During the winter, the battery's capacity can drop up to 50%, so it may be time for a new battery.
We have a large selection of start batteries for cars, vans, trucks, busses and boats.

Find  batteries for cars and v...

Starting batteries for your fleet
08 October 2019
Our truck/bus battery range goes from 35Ah to 240Ah. In our filters it's possible to sort so that you find the battery that matches your needs. See our great selection.

See our truck/bus batteries here

Chargers for many purpose
08 October 2019
Do You need a charger, for general charge or maintenance charge of batteries, See our large selection of CTEK chargers.

See all our chargers for many purpose here

Batteries for hunting equipment
10 September 2019
September is hunting season. We carry batteries for rangefinders, binoculars, flashlights and more. Search by data on the left, or select in the box on the left which product you are looking for battery for.

See all our b...

10 September 2019
We purchased a batch of 12V 2.6Ah operating AGM General Purpose batteries. Contact us and you will get a good deal.

See the battery  here

Batteries for electric tipping trailer
10 September 2019
Find the tiptrailer battery that fits your trailer. We got batteries from 60Ah to 230Ah.

See our batteries for tipping trailers   here

Stationary batteries
13 August 2019
If you need batteries for desktop applications such as renewable energy, emergency power, UPS, telecom and many more, we have a large selection of batteries for this purpose.

See all our range of our stationary batteries ...

Pest control
13 August 2019
Electronic pest control is an effective solution to problems with rats and other animals. We have batteries that ensure the operation of your equipment for pest control.

See our range of batteries for pest control here

Tractors and agricultural machines
13 August 2019
The agricultural machines are subjected to intensive wear in August when the harvest is going to take place. We have chargers and batteries for tractors and agricultural machines, so you are assured the harvest comes in ...
Electric scooter
09 July 2019
When the scooter not is in use, it's an advantage to charge. If the battery is deeply deflected, it will be damaged and the service life shortened.

See our range of batteries for electric scooter  here

See our range o...

09 July 2019
Many lifts depend on the batteries being in good condition. And fully charged.

See our range of batteries for lifts here

See our range of chargers for lifts here

Robot lawn mover
09 July 2019
If your robot lawn mower needs a new battery, then we carry batteries for the known models eg. Wolf, Gardena, HusQvarna and others

See our range of batteries for robot lawn movers here

How to use our website smart
25 June 2019
We wanted to create a website that puts you as a customer and your needs in focus.

The website allows you to find just the battery you are looking for, whether you know the application or you have specific data to search ...

Port batteries
11 June 2019
Do you have electric ports where a backup battery is used? We have batteries in different dimensions that can be used for this purpose.

See our electric port batteries here

Garden tractor
11 June 2019
Is your battery charged and is it difficult to start? Does your garden tractor need a new battery? We got batteries for most models. Your battery requires ongoing maintenance. We got chargers for charging and maintenance...
Robot Lawn Mover
14 May 2019
Find the battery that matches your robot lawnmower, we have both batteries for Flymo, Gardena, HusQvarna, Wolf etc. Choose which brand you need battery and see our selection.

View our batteries for robot lawn mover here

Lift batteries
14 May 2019
Lifts are indispensable for many in everyday life. Whether for outdoor or indoor use, we have batteries to suit all of them. Search for different data and find the battery you are missing.

View our batteries for lifts her...

Electric Scooter
14 May 2019
If you need a new battery or charger for your electric scooter, then we have the right selection here.

View our batteries for electric scooter here

View our electric scooter chargers here


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