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Small batteries for everyday purposes
04 August 2021
Small batteries plays a major part when operating traditional everyday products, sometimes more than we think. Flashlights, shelf fronts, smoke detectors, etc. Quite often you will be able to make some signicant savings ...
New portable cables for electric cars
04 August 2021
The electric car segment is growing, and of course our range of products for this category will continue to grow. We, and many others, are expecting that the electric car segment will grow a lot over the next few years, ...
Never miss out on all the news and excitement
04 August 2021
The battery world is revolutionizing these years. Since the discovery of lithium technology, many have been rethinking how their machinery or vehicles can operate using this technology. There are many operational benefit...
The harvest season is soon upon us
09 July 2021
The harvest season is upon us, which is why it is important that your machines work when you need them. Here we have gathered a small selection from our large assortment.

VARTA 12V battery with a capacity of 180Ah


Focus on cleaning
09 July 2021
Amusements parks, Museums, Hotels, Restaurants can again benefit from the many visits that will peak over the summer. Finally we can travel again, and many tourists are ready to venture into the European cities and count...
Backup batteries for your systems
09 July 2021
You will be able to find UPS batteries in several systems, which main purpose is to ensure that a system is not put out of operation should the main power supply shut down. This could be IT systems, stable systems, monit...
Batteries and chargers for aids
10 June 2021
Remember to pay attention to your battery-powered vehicles, because the season is well underway. Therefore, you should always pay attention to your vehicle battery so that the vehicle can always be used when your need is...
We participate in the production
10 June 2021
Special vehicles often need special batteries. Sizes, weight, capacity can all be decisive parameters in a development and production process. Here we can also support with many years of experience, as we know what is re...
Now they are here!
08 June 2021
LEMANIA ENERGY, which sells quality boosters, chargers and testers, is a company with over 20 years of experience, which means they know what they are dealing with.
We have got their chargers in our range, and a single te...

How easy it is to become a customer with us
17 May 2021
It don't take much to get a business login and go shopping for the batteries you need. Apply for a login and you will receive what you need from us. wether you need batteries for products or operating systems like vehcle...
Traction batteries for buses and trucks
17 May 2021
If you look in to the future you may sense that the request for goods and materiales of all kind are in  high demand along side that the stores are reopening. At the same time does the public transport slowly grow a...
Now we can offer lithium batteries for caravans
17 May 2021
We always offer the traditionel batteries for both caravans and campers. We have found some of the best traction batteries for caravans. Have a look here.

OPTIMA 12V traction battery with a capacity of 38Ah

OPTIMA 12V tr...

The electric scooters will begin to take on a few more tasks
21 April 2021
Remember to pay attention to your battery-powered vehicles, because it's now the season starts. The season with sun and bird singing in the background has started, and at GACELL we are fully charged and ready to supply t...
Building and construction projects
21 April 2021
The contractor business consists of many different types of machines, with each their demand to battery power. GACELL can offer batteries for many types of machines in both lead and lithium technology. You set the requir...
Start batteries for both bus and trucks
21 April 2021
If you look into the crystal ball, you may sense that the demand for materials and all other goods will begin to grow. This is of course a natural effect when society starts reopening the store sales again. At the same t...
Camping in 2021
10 March 2021
The caravans will again make their entrance on the country roads. Especially this year, due to the corona situation, most Europeans will be having their 2021 holidays within the country borders. It's a great time to get ...
A brand new charger range that gives you extra strength
10 March 2021
Powerboozt is a new series of chargers which comes in many different handy sizes and specs. Make sure to check out the entire range, and get the boozt which will quickly jumsptart your machines and vehicles.

Read more or ...

Society is reopening with more operation on the vehicles
10 March 2021
If you look into the crystal ball, you may sense that the demand for materials and all other goods will begin to grow. This is of course a natural effect when society starts opening the store sales again. At the same tim...
Always pay attention to your batteries
09 December 2020
Electric vehicles used in daily operation must be inspected a little more often than a family vehicle. This is because the battery is at work many hours a week, which means that wear and tear occurs faster. If your lift ...
Are the snow clearing vehicles ready?
09 December 2020
It's now the fleet must be ready for many municipalities and contractors. It is important to be able to move out at short notice if the roads need to be salted or cleared. We offer batteries for both tractors and trucks,...

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