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Are you part of the Eco-Friendly Solutions for the Future?

11 January 2023
At GACELL we offer a solution that will help dispose your batteries correctly. Our boxes are designed for the safe containment and transportation of hazardous materials that could impact the environment. Nearly 90 percent of all lead-acid batteries are recycled.

Have a look at our Battery container with lid, and you can start helping the environment today.

Recycle your batteries

Nearly 90% of each lead/acid battery is recycled!

Battery recycling is the process of reusing and disposing of used batteries in an environmentally-friendly way. It involves collecting used batteries, sorting them by type, and then disassembling them for the purpose of recycling the materials.  The recycling process involves separating the components into metals, plastics, and acids, and then melting them down to be reused in new products.  This helps preserve natural resources and reduce pollution by avoiding the need to mine new materials.  Additionally, battery recycling helps reduce the amount of hazardous waste in the environment.  It also allows for the reuse of valuable metals and materials, which helps reduce the cost of producing new batteries.

Share your enviromental initiatives, by using our Eco-Friendly logo on your website or e-mail. Click on the image to upscale it, and then download it to your harddrive. Thank you for sharing the Eco-Friendly innitiative with us.Recycle your batteries


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